Class List

Here are some classes I can teach for your group at the drop of a hat. Please note that this is not my updated class list; I have an actual class list in pdf form that I keep far more up to date than this page – if you’re putting together an event and would like me to come teach, please email me for my current class list.

I can generally tailor any class to your liking, and I always have a few more I’m working on… so feel free to ask.

Physical Classes: Rough Body Play (-ish)

  • Fundamentals of Rough Body Play
  • Fundamentals of Breath Play
  • Open-Handed Rough Body Play / Working On Your Swing
  • Advanced Rough Body Play: Backhanding
  • Advanced Rough Body Play: Punching and Kicking
  • Advanced Rough Body Play: Skin Torture
  • Advanced Rough Body Play: Face Slapping
  • Advanced Rough Body Play: Bastinado (The Feet)
  • Advanced Rough Body Play: Beyond The Hands
  • Violent Displays of Affection: Connection and Intimacy through Rough Body Play

Physical Classes: Rope (-ish)

  • Rough Rope I: Beating for the Bound
  • Rough Rope II: Non-Bondage Rough Rope Play
  • Predicament Play
  • Balloon Bondage (A terribly serious class) [note: this class has a materials cost associated with it.]

Between-The-Ears Workshops

  • It’s OK To Hit Them (So Long As They’re Into That Sort Of Thing)
  • Coming Out Kinky
  • Covert Ops: How to Keep Your Kink Out of the Public Domain
  • Asking For It: Negotiation Practices To Get What You Want And Get It Good Dr. Rough’s D/s Relationship Roundtable


  • Fundamentals of Cigar Play
  • Hot n’ Hard: Combining Cigar Play with Rough Body Play for Firey Fun
  • Cigar Social